Jenny Bingham

Founder, Puttenham Place

Jenny has always had a passion and love for horses. Jenny has  been a big part of Puttenham Place, riding & competing when her daughters were young to completely supporting their obsession throughout their lives. She has played a big role in the showjumping industry, purchasing some beautiful British bred horses for the sport and some equally special horses from abroad. This has given Jenny a reputation for seeking out horses and riders to develop together in the sport under Puttenham Place Stables.

Having trained as an accountant and holding a post-graduate diploma in International Business Studies, Jenny has had a business career spanning over 30 years in finance and operations.

She is a Director of The Peter Cundill Foundation whose philanthropic work is focused on the education and health of young people.

Camilla Bingham

Camilla’s love and passion for show jumping are second to none. Having taken to riding as a youngster, Camilla originally started out as an eventer but took to show jumping in 2010, having had a taste for it with a Puttenham Place horse that was much better suited to the discipline.

Camilla started running Puttenham Place following her graduation from Hartpury College in 2011, and she now oversees everything from the horses’ daily routines at home to competing them all around Europe.

Camilla credits her love for what she does to the horses; the incredible the things that they do, the relationships she develops between horse and rider and the trust she builds with them.

Bill Pressdee

Yard Manager

Bill is our yard manager and works with us on the daily care and management of the horses. Bill has worked and ridden with horses all his life and has an extensive knowledge on the care of the horses, understanding how we take our time to  treat each horse individually creating a bond and trust with them. Having an interest in breeding it is fascinating to have his help when deciding which stallions to use for our small breeding program. We are very grateful to have Bill’s upbeat, cheerful sense of humor and easy going nature on the yard caring for the horses.



Stephs been working with horses within many different disciplines so brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which we value here. In her free time she enjoys competing her own horse and working her gun dogs.



Couldn’t keep her away, Gem used to work at Puttenham many moons ago and left to
start a family. Now she is back in the fold and a huge help during the week, helping keep the yard running smoothly. Gemma worked at Puttenham when Wembley was in her hay day and knows exactly the values and management we want for our horses. Gem now has kids who ride so is kept exceptionally busy going to pony shows with her girls as well.

Jason Evans


Jason been the farrier at Puttenham Place for many years. He has a meticulous eye and works closely with our veterinary team.  We have the utmost respect and trust for his knowledge and experience.