Munch Bolesworth

Sex:         Gelding

Born:      2014

Colour:    Chestnut

Sire:        Crumble

Dam:   U- Christrose

Dam Sire: Corrado II

Bought as a 5 year old in 2019 “Munch” is one of the developing into a very strong promising young horse for Puttenham Place. He did a handful of competitions in 2019 and then had plenty of turnout, hacking and schooling. As all horses he had the opportunity to continue to grow muscle definition and condition in 2020, he is now ready to tackle some bigger shows, having developed into a lovely kind young horse. This year already he has stepped easily up to 1.20 and i aim to jump him at some internationals some 1.30’s by the end of the year whilst giving him the time and space he needs to finish growing.